…Take Me Out To The Ball Game, Buy Me Some Veggies and Fruits…

Photo via EaterSF

The San Francisco Giants home stadium will soon have two very healthy concession stands—Garden Table and Hearth Table—after the July All Star Game at the new edible garden.

The Bon Appetit Management Company has opened The Garden at the Centerfield where fans will be able to enjoy healthy eats as well as a place to hang out during, before and after the games. The edible garden will also serve as a “culinary and nutritional classroom for children and community.” MORE HERE.

You can also find Mission treats at the ballpark, such as Humphry Slocombe and 4505 Meats.

In other baseball news, you were probably watching this no-hitter against the San Diego Padres. The Padres did beat the Giants in edible gardens though.

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