Mission at 19th at 6:45 a.m. The shooting occurred just south of 19th Street on Mission Street, according to one witness.

Sometime before 2 a.m., Raul Delgado, tucked into his sleeping bag in a doorway on Mission Street, woke up to the sounds of people screaming obscenities near the Beauty Bar on the northeast corner of Mission and 19th streets.

The next thing he saw, he said, was a group of about eight men and women running south on Mission Street.

“They were running south and looking north,” behind them, he said.

Then, he heard a gunshot and watched one man fall to the ground, Delgado said.

Raul Delgado, left, woke up to people screaming obscenities. Guillermo, right, woke up after the second shot.

“I hear PAWP,” he said this morning. “I knew it had to be a gun.” About two minutes, later he heard another loud POP.

Police said this morning that the victim was shot in the leg. He is being treated at San Francisco General Hospital and is in stable condition.

The victim, whose age has not been released, “was involved in a fight involving about 15 subjects,” police reported. No one has been arrested.

Police officer Gordon Shyy said today that it was unclear where the fight started. It ended up, he said, at the intersection of Mission and 19th streets.

Shyy said the argument and shooting that followed did not appear to be gang-related.

The Beauty Bar, on the northeast corner, closes at 2 a.m. So far, we have not reached anyone there for comment.

Delgado said he watched as the victim’s friends tried to pick him up. One woman, he said, kept asking, “Does anyone have a belt?”

“She must have wanted to make a tourniquet,” said Delgado’s friend and doorway mate, Guillermo, who did not wake up until after the incident had occurred.

Delgado said that a police van arrived just south of the shooting and the officer quickly got the crowd that had gathered under control. Within minutes, five other patrol cars also arrived on the scene.

Oscar Hernandez, who collects cardboard boxes, said that his truck had been parked nearby on 19th Street, and that he heard shots, but he did not see anything except the arrival of the police cars and the ambulance.

Others on Mission Street this morning said they had either arrived after the shooting occurred or did not hear it at all. The men in a room on the second floor of the single-room-occupancy Prita Hotel said they had heard nothing.

Jose Reyes said he came into work at 2:30 a.m. to set up at Taqueria Cancun. Mission and 19th Streets, he said, were already cordoned off.

“The patrol cars were already here,” he said. “They left about 3:30 a.m.”

Reyes said that he had worked at the popular taqueria for a long time and that there had not been any trouble nearby for years. “Before, yes, there were a lot of problems,” on Mission Street, he said. “Now, no.”

Lydia Chávez

I’ve been a Mission resident since 1998 and a professor emeritus at Berkeley’s J-school since 2019 when I retired. I got my start in newspapers at the Albuquerque Tribune in the city where I was born...

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  1. ” One women, he said, kept asking, “does anyone have a belt?” ”

    I think you meant “one woman.”

  2. The homeless lady on the corner and I heard the shots and screaming from six blocks away. I’d say most of the folks who said they didn’t hear it are lying.

  3. There was a shooting last night around 11pm near the playground on Valencia between 19/20th. I heard perhaps 20-30 shots and lots of yelling. I don’t see any coverage of that on the net, yet. Maybe related?

  4. Nicely written, look forward to updates on who the shooter(s) was, what Beauty Bar has to say. Thanks.

  5. Beauty Bar. Isn’t that a destination white peoples bar? And shooting? What’s up with that?

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