Photos from security cameras and the SFPD

A reader sent in an announcement from his building managers that an alleged bike thief had been caught in the act of stealing bikes at 1 a.m. today from the garage at 2125 Bryant St.

And later today SFPD tweeted a photo of Sean Sixta, the suspect who was arrested on the property and charged with burglary.

Early this morning, Hart Patrol captured a thief who had entered the garage – possibly after following someone through the door, this will be determined through the surveillance  footage.

The thief attempted to exit the garage when he was intercepted by Hart Patrol who were alerted by the surveillance camera monitoring contractor.

The thief was not able to exit the garage door, so evidently went into the garage and took a garage opener from an open vehicle. By the time he reached the top of the garage ramp, he was captured by Hart Patrol.  The footage of the crime is being forwarded to SFPD.

Police @sfpdbike theft tweeted a photo of the suspect, who was arrested on the property. The building’s managers, CitiScape Property Management Group, told tenants that the two bikes and the garage opener were being kept for evidence.  They also advised, “not to leave building fobs/clickers/keys inside your vehicle.”

The suspect has allegedly been involved in other robberies in the neighborhood, according to the security firm.

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