Pedal-Powered News

Photo via the SF Public Press Kickstarter campaign

Print editions are important because not everyone spends their time sitting in front of a computer to get their news—like I do. Not only is it nice to read the actual paper but it also serves a purpose. So, stop all your romanticizing.

The San Francisco Public Press has about 14 days left on their Kickstarter Campaign to get funding for their Pedal-Powered News. Here’s what they are going for:

So we’re going back to basics. We’ll use cargo bikes to deliver the Public Press’ beautiful quarterly ad-free broadsheet newspaper to dozens of retailers who sell it, and to scores of community centers where we give copies away for free. We’ll also bike-deliver papers to the homes of hundreds of member donors and subscribers.

And, speaking of print editions, have you checked out ours lately? Here are some of the stories we printed on paper and delivered by hand. Might have to consider this new bicycle-powered news style!

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