Mayor Lee’s Car Caught in a Red Zone

It wasn't this red zone, but you get the picture.

SF Streetsblog reports that Mayor Lee’s hybrid car was caught in a bus zone.  Seems to me that we wrote something about the Mayor’s zero tolerance for double parking, but not so for Muni stops – not yet at any rate.

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  1. Sam

    What you omitted to report was that Lee was not driving the car. He was driven to his destination by his police driver and then that driver parked the vehicle in this zone.

    Lee had no knowledge of the infringement.

    Moreover I would imagine that the police can park wherever they want when on official business and/or there are safety or emergency issues.

    For instance, there may be a requirement that the mayor’s vehicle is always available within a certain distance or time in case of a threat or incident that places the mayor at risk.

    Some further investigation here might have been helpful.

    • marcos

      How do you know what the Mayor knew? Does your tin foil hat provide access to the wavelengths of his internal thinking and knowledge?

      • Sam

        Because, as I said, the ML piece above omitted various exculpatory details that have been reported elsewhere.

        Leaders and VIPs are typically dropped off at their destination and the driver then parks somewhere nearby, so as to be ready to leave at short notice. In this case it has been revealed that the driver was a cop, presumably part of the mayor’s protection detail.

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