It’s Been One Year Since We Know More

Photo via the EFF.

It’s been a year since Edward Snowden leaked information to the Guardian that the NSA has been spying on millions of people. They might not care about you, but they care about what you do and how that looks on a broader sphere or “foreigness degree.”

Here are 65 things the Electronic Frontier Foundation has put together on this incipient anniversary.

5. Although the NSA has repeatedly stated it does not target Americans, its own documents show that searches of data collected under Section 702 are designed simply to determine with 51 percent confidence a target’s “foreignness.’”

14. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has issued orders that allow the NSA to share raw data—without personally identifying information stripped out—with the FBI, CIA, and the National Counterterrorism Center.

17. The NSA “hacked into Al Jazeera‘s internal communications system.” NSA documents stated that “selected targets had ‘high potential as sources of intelligence.’”

Here is a privacy pack. Mass surveillance does not mean safety.

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