Esta Noche Revived in Bay Art Project

The Esta Noche sign. Photo by Uptown Almanac

The NYT has a good review of a Southern Exposure project All These Darlings and Now Us by Constance Hockaday.   The artist takes the city’s dying culture of sexual edginess at such places as Esta Noche, the gay Latino bar that shut down this spring, and puts them in a “peep show” on the bay.

Rather than lament, Ms. Hockaday, 32, decided to highlight the outré scene that remained, taking it to the water, where fewer rules apply. “There is this culture of sex in San Francisco that’s still very unique,” even as its denizens are being pushed out, she said. “There’s no space for us on land? O.K., fine, we’re going to go play on the water.” FULL NYT STORY IS HERE

This is the last day to see Hockaday’s piece. It is part of an on-going off-site project, called Off Shore.  The upcoming performances and events are here.  Today there is also a Mission Creek Walk, led by Chris Sollars.

Tickets for All These Darlings and Now Us are Here.

More on the Mission Creek Walk.

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