The struggle on Valencia for merchants that are not in the business of selling booze or clothing is a tough one. It doesn’t help when your business doesn’t make money and you still have to pay an exorbitant amount in rent.

Lost Weekend is in that situation, as well as Viracocha, who posted a sign on their window saying that they are closed until July.

The Bay Guardian caught a Facebook post from Lost Weekend where they basically state that sales have dropped 30% on top of the 60% they had already been seeing. READ MORE HERE.

Businesses on Valencia  are in the process of figuring out a new business model because they do not want to give up the prime real estate that they have and because it would be nice to have a new addition to their space.

A partnership with a record store is one possibility. “We’re looking for something that will sort of match what we’re doing somewhat, and keep that vibe alive.”

In general, though, “We’re exploring ideas now of how we could utilize part of our space to keep a video store open. That’s been our goal all along. We realize that you can’t probably sustain a full-scale video store in the city the way you used to. So it’s just a matter of trying to come up with the right formula.” MORE HERE.