The Eating Never Stops

Wednesday, nearly 6 p.m. Already lining up and waiting for the doors to open.

Paolo Lucchesi gives a good rundown of the restaurants coming up in the Mission. It seems there is not end of wanting a Mission location.

Now, citing proximity to Market Street development and a more centralized location, more restaurateurs are looking to the bustling neighborhood’s north side, joining standbys like Pauline’s, Little Star and Four Barrel north of 16th Street.

It’s where Sylvan Mishima Brackett of Peko Peko catering fame is finally building a restaurant to call his own: an izakaya named Rintaro, located in the old Chez Spencer (82 14th St.) and due later this year. READ MORE.

In the same section, Michael Bauer returns to Fire Fly in Noe Valley and likes it.  And we missed this Saturday review of Lolo’s. 

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