Pushed Out: 13 Years of Idol Vintage

Photo via Uptown Almanac

Selling vintage clothes is not enough to make up for the new rent at Idol Vitage on 16th and Albion, a location they have been in for the last 13 years. Uptown Almanac reports that the business will undergo a raise in rent from $5,000 to $7,500. The high rents have been pushing businesses on 16th out:

[…] it was made even harder to stomach by the rent increases, displacement, closures, and property sales has left Idol’s block of 16th between Valencia and Guerrero with five empty storefronts in the last year—and foot traffic severely reduced.

Andalu closed in January to make way for a forthcoming Chinese restaurant from Tacolicious, Tokyo GoGo shuttered in favor of a new upscale cocktail bar currently under construction, Adobe Books was pushed onto 24th Street by Jack Spade, an auto garage closed and sold for $8.7 (presumably) for condos, and Val 16 Market closed after their landlord allegedly raised their rent over $10k.  The result of this was that January and February were some of Idol’s slowest months in their history, despite the higher rents. READ MORE

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