Maya Angelou: The Power of Words

American poet and author Maya Angelou died this morning. She was 86 and an American treasure.

See her website here and an interview here.

Twelve of her poems on You Tube are here.

Her books and poems and can be found at The Public Library, Modern Times, Adobe Books, Dog Eared Books, Borderland Books, Alley Cat Books, Bolerium, Valhalla and bookstores throughout the City.

Her words can be found just about everywhere.

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  1. Fabrizio

    A real honor and pleasure to have shared the planet with such a being. BTW, surprised to see Mission Local deploying treacly (and inaccurate) cliches like “American treasure.” It’s “the power of words”, right?

  2. Stanley Abramson

    Dr Maya is a true hero and she will live on in my heart and mind forever. I was devastated to hear that she died. May she rest in peace.

  3. I listen to the words of Maya Angelou and hear her humanity like the spirit of a todem poll. Her engraving assonance and inaliable roots emminate in my soul. I feel her words in my Grandmother’s words and it gives hereditary a sence of connection with one another, even if we are not blood relatives. Our life’s evidence is that we are not permanent, but the words of Maya Angelou will live on forever.

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