Goodbye Goodwill

The thrift store on Market and South Van Ness is pretty big, so big that at the beginning of the year was officially put up for sale (yes, prob housing will make its way). I guess it’s more convenient to live there, than to buy items for your living.

the site is expected to earn between $50-60 million in the red-hot Mid Market ‘hood. That’s because the parcel is zoned for up to a 320 foot high-rise and 600 residential units. MORE HERE

This from Goodwill’s CEO, via back in 2013 when the story came out:

“A potential sale of our Mission Street property would open up tremendous possibilities for us to serve more local people in need, place more people in local jobs, and help preserve the economic diversity and family stability in our region,” said SFGoodwill President and CEO Maureen Sedonaen. MORE HERE

And, what’s the big deal, you may think. Well, only that this is probably why thrift stores are so beloved.

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  1. missionresident

    This is brilliant and will help many more people than if they stayed in that building. A charity should not be based in a building worth $50 million. They should be in a cheap warehouse. Just think of how many used clothes they’d have to sell to make that much money. Even charities can take advantage of the crazy sf housing market. Well done!

    • John

      Yeah, funny thing is that it is quite a new building itself. I remember it being built and, even at the time, and this being out of the way at that time, I still thought it was a waste of a major intersection.

      Tear it down and lets get some homes built. Folks who shop at thrift stores are happy to go to less desirable locations. Now that it is “steps from Twitter”, we’re taking high value here.

      • Lbk

        My cousin proudly worked there. So long, big goodwill.

      • Russo

        “Folks who shop at thrift stores are happy to go to less desirable locations.” Yeah, JJ knows just how these folks think. They can’t wait for this clean, expansive store to close so they can shop at shittier venues.

        • John

          People who want the cheapest stuff typically are willing to make more effort to get it.

          WalMart figured that out a long time ago.

          At the other extreme the local corner store is usually quite expensive, Cost and convenience are inversely correlated.

  2. landline

    The difference between Goodwill and Twitter is that Goodwill is a viable business while Twitter is not.

    Same with Thrift Town and the dollar stores. I predict that the dollar store across Market Street from the Twitter HQ’s will outlast Twitter.

    Twitter revenues are up, but losses are up even more to $500M per quarter with most funds going to pay off the initial investors at inflated share prices.

    • marcos

      TWTR down 4.18% as of now after yesterday’s 18% plummet. Fly-by-night get-rich-quick schemes!

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