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Great piece in SF Weekly detailing the history of the 1928 Hotel Royan on Valencia at 15th Street.

The hotel used to house minor-league baseball players who competed at the nearby Seals Stadium, home of the Triple-A Seals. Baseball Hall of Fame player Joe DiMaggio, who was also famously married to Marilyn Monroe at one point, grew up in San Francisco and played for the Seals at the stadium for over three seasons: October 1932 through 1935.

But the team and stadium have both been gone nearly 60 years.

Yet, the Royan remained. READ MORE

And, as long as we’re on history, the Atlantic has the history of the Mint Julep. 

And as the battle over a beverage tax on sugary sodas heats up, people might want to read this piece in the NYT on the significant increase in diabetes among children. 

Don’t forget the garage sale for Rio Yañez, Rene Yañez and Yolanda Lopez at the Galería.  Rio has the details here.