Eating Well and Shouting at Your Table Mates

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Well, it is now official.  Michael Bauer’s top restaurant list is out and it is close to impossible to eat at a Mission restaurant and hear your friends. Instead, you are shouting and listening to the din of everything and everyone else.

All but one of the Bauer’s favored Mission restaurants got four bells – 75-80 decibels or “can talk only in raised voices” or a small firecracker –  80 plus decibels or “too noisy for normal conversation.” (Note, those elsewhere did not fare much better, but you can eat and talk without shouting at Acquerello and Manresa.)

Three bells – 70 to 75 decibels when”talking normally gets difficult” was awarded to only  Local’s Corner.  The Amber Indias in the South Bay got two bells, but the outpost on Valencia was not on the list. I’m guessing that it is probably pretty quiet on Valencia because no matter what time I’ve walked by, it rarely has many diners.

Foreign Cinema made the list with four bells, but my solution there has always been to meet friends at the bar. Earlier in the evening, conversations can be had.  Other strategies?

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  1. poor.ass.millionaire

    Damn Lyds, you must be making bank with this blog thang. $14 salads at salumeria, and now, cocktails and dinner at foreign cinema? Sheeeet, I feel poor downing my super burrito at el farolito 🙂

    • John

      PAM, I believe that Lydia has worked in the public sector for several decades, in a secured, tenured, salaried position. And with of course one of those very generous public-sector taxpayer-funded pension plans in place.

      I doubt that her husband is unemployed and impoverished either.

      Let us not begrudge others their success, in the hope that such respect for tolerance and diversity may rub off on the some of the more petty and cynical posters here who seem at times to be driven by little more than envy and resentment of success.

  2. poor.ass.millionaire

    I just love the bougie-liberal hypocrisy of writing about the poor while dining at foreign cinema. It’s kinda funny.

  3. Godzuki

    Please enforce the comments policy. I don’t read ML to read this banal post-coital pillow talk.

  4. poor.ass.millionaire

    ML should cover this:

    John, will you attend??

    • marcos

      Ask anyone but those who actually live here and pays taxes:

      “Are you a prospective resident looking to become a part of San Francisco and hope for more participation as one of the stakeholders?”

    • John

      PAM, I don’t know that I can make it but it does sound like a more inclusive, less divisive approach than most of the envy-fueled, beggar-thy-neighbor, confiscatory policies that I see promoted here.

      More generally, although I like to comment on politics, I do not generally like to participate in politics. I prefer to take personal actions to immunize myself against politics rather than pursue the delusion that I can make the world the way it should be.

      Let the agitators, the envy mob and the “usual suspect” confiscatory crowd do their worst. With careful planning, they won’t be able to touch me.

    • Lydia Chavez Post author

      I’m not sure if we will be able to get there, but we will try. Would you like to cover it? Thank you, Lydia

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