Dog Days

In front of the Red Balloon on Mission Street, Tuesday, May 13, 2014. Photo by Lydia Chávez

It has not been a good day for dogs and I remembered all the dire warnings in an early story that we did in the heat wave of 2010. 

Here is a snippet.  And here is the link to the full story.

Cats tend to slip into the coolest corners of a home and take care of themselves, but certain breeds of dogs demand special consideration, she said.

Labradors are notorious for their lack of inhibition when playing fetch; heavy panting exacerbates a propensity for collapsed windpipes in Pomeranians; French bulldogs, pugs and other “smush-faced” dogs — en vogue these days — are “extremely” susceptible to heat exhaustion, SPCA veterinarians said.

Their snub noses compress the tissue surrounding the nasal passage, making it tougher for them to dissipate heat through panting. It also accounts for their snorts and snores.

Leaving animals inside a car on hot days is especially dangerous, and in 80-degree-plus weather, owners who do so can be charged with a felony, according to Deb Campbell, a spokeswoman for the city’s Animal Care and Control.  READ MORE

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