What You May Have Missed Over the Weekend

Photo by Miglu

Forget the weekend of the Golden Gate Park Hunky Jesus Contest, 420 and trash not being picked up. This is what you missed during the weekend:

Saturday 19

Video: Community contributor and videographer Claire Weissbluth shot this video about a comedy show at the Cinecave in support of David Campos. The only thing better than therapy (to get over things) is laughter. So, enjoy.

Print: Union Square galleries are getting fear of missing out (a.k.a fomo) and naturally, they want to get into some Mission action. Find out which gallery owner and what their plans are.

Sunday 20

Posts from our curated rail:

  • The Easter Story. Check out the short online tours from the National Gallery of London.
  • The Privacy Files. If you can’t keep up to date with who is surveilling you, you might not want to skip this pill.
  • Reminisce the Mission. Check out the Mission Dolores renderings from the 1800s.

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