Turns Out It’s Not New York — It’s the City’s Dead

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It seems like everyone wants to understand what is happening to San Francisco and what it means for the world. New York magazine came up with an answer by asking if San Francisco was New York. It turns out, Vice thinks the City is actually dead. I guess no one likes existential crisis, but they do make you grow up.

One of Vice’s reasons why San Francisco seems to be a pooper is because there actually are poopers. It can ruin a city, there’s no doubt.

Dog Shit on the Sidewalk

These urban IEDs are everywhere, constantly threatening your ability to have a normal walk in a city that basically forces you to be a pedestrian. Also, everyone’s got a dog now, which means they gotta shit somewhere.  READ MORE HERE

And, they also make a point as to what kind of person you are if you visit touristic places like Alcatraz.


What kind of fucked up level of detachment do you have to have to bring your suburbanite family on a “funtastic” tour of a maximum security prison where hyper-violent men, stripped of their humanity, beat and raped each other? READ MORE HERE.

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