Thank You Gabrielle Ekedal of Gypsy Honeymoon

Photo by Lydia Chávez

I walked by Gypsy Honeymoon on Friday night and in the window sat a big bouquet with a “Thank you San Francisco,” from Gabrielle Ekedal, the owner of Gypsy Honeymoon.  By the time I returned to take a better photo on Saturday morning, the lovely bouquet had been taken away.

It was typical of Ekedal to leave a note for all of us. She moved this month to Woodacre, Marin and will open there several days a week  and run an on-line store. She will also get to do some of the things that she has not had the time to do – like visiting a sister and other friends.

Taken in 2011.

Taken in 2011.

Ekedal wasn’t forced out by rising rents, but simply wanted to move on to have more time. Running a store full time, she said on one of my last visits, had just been too time consuming. A few attempts to find a partner for the store failed to pan out and then a studio in Woodacre became available and she decided to take it.

She will be missed. The store is around the corner from where I live and it was always calming to walk in there and feel surrounded by Ekedal’s artful sensibility. There was never any pressure to buy. When she had time, Ekedal was happy to chat about the neighborhood and the store.  For those who want to know more, I’ve posted the two part series we wrote when Ekedal moved from the corner of Guerrero and 24th Street to the shop on Valencia Street.

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  1. Michael Andrade

    I loved this store and have several things from it in my home.

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