Recite a Poem and Get 50 percent Off

A Huffy model from the 1950s, recently rewired to have the integrated light fixture work properly.

Celebrate National Poet’s Month at Viracocha by reciting a poem and get 50 percent off of any item. Jonathan Siegel, the owner,  is hosting poets who want to share their word work, but you can too.

Overcome your shyness, or share your art freely and take advantage of the once-a-day  50 percent discount offered when you come in during store hours and recite a poem.

While in the store, I spotted a beautiful blue cruiser bicycle — pictured above. It’s a vintage Huffy model from the 1950s, and has been completely rewired, so the light fixture works! So cute and you can get it for half the price. More details here. 

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