Good Morning Mission!

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It’s 7 a.m, 47° and headed to 58° and dryer. Details for the next 10 days are here.

The Municipal Transportation Agency rejected the appeal for an environmental review of the tech shuttle pilot program and it will go forward in July as planned with the city charging $1 a stop for the shuttles to use Muni stops. 

I’m unsure if I’m getting cranky or if food writing in SF hasn’t gotten simply silly. I understand promoting local restaurants and I like Marla Bakery — or at least the name and its sliver of a place at 613 York St. because I haven’t actually eaten anything there yet — but this praise in the SF Weekly just annoys me. “The Sunday Special breakfast sandwich at Marla Bakery executes on each of the aforementioned pieces with great technique and thought, resulting in a harmonious sandwich that sings to the stomach.”  Really?

Airbnb will be collecting taxes in San Francisco starting this summer, reports SFist. 

SFMTA’s Ed Reiskin recommends keeping the Sunday parking meters, but abstaining from enforcement, writes Streetsblog SF. 

Enjoy the day!

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  1. Jeremy

    You sound cranky to me. You should really try the place out before indulging in opinions on the opinions of other journalists. Also it’s called Marla Bakery, not Marla’s Bakery.

    • Backtotheburbs

      Very cranky.

      Marla’s sells cookies for $1 and I hear subsidized cookies at apple cafeteria are 1.25$. They also have excellent bread. This bakery is a new affordable business in an area where the price of sandwiches pushes 15$ at other new spots. They just need to extend their afternoon hours …

      So, you are punishing the business or the reviewer? Or just unhappy with the state of SF?

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