Free Healthcare at the Armory

Fliers were being passed out on 19th and Mission Streets.

But, don’t get excited, the medical and dental services will only happen during the today and the 24rd of April.

The free healthcare will be provided at the Armory, 333 14th Street, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and it will be on a first come, first served basis. The clinic will provide services to children as well.

Don’t thank the Armory, thank God for it.

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  1. poor.ass.millionaire

    Oh thank god it’s only temporary. Don’t need a perma-homeless encampment forming a block from one of my investment properties. The on-off ones on mission street are enough!

    • poor.ass.millionaire i pray you or a loved one be in need of assitance in your life. some of these folks seeking free help have lost thier homes, jobs and dignity thanks to people like you that worry about thier investment properties and thier own self enrichment. thank you God for providing angels to help your less fortunate children

      • poor.ass.millionaire

        Gee wiz Sonia, you don’t have to get hysterical. And your generic presumption that someone’s misfortune is due to “people like you” is as much hyperbole as it is pathetic. I’ve never evicted or screwed any tenant of mine. Ever. Try not to be so judgmental, it’ll help you in life. Thanks.

    • Godzuki

      ^ Wow. I hope you or someone you know doesn’t become disabled or so ill you need these services.

      You’re really just a car accident or diagnosis away from being there yourself.

    • Sean

      Compassion versus NIMBY. If not there where? If not now win? If a person invest in property in a neighborhood held down by less fortunate people hoping that those less fortunate people will be driven away so that their property value will increase.

      • poor.ass.millionaire

        This thing is only temp, so no biggie. But if perm, then hell yes, I’d have an issue with it. (And remember, neighborhood notification would be required anyways, with the requisite neighbors input.) Like everyone here, I’m all for helping the needy…and just like everyone else…help them but, errrr, not on my street. The difference is that I’m actually being honest about it.

        And all you brave moralists- how about having the clinic next to your home or rental? Go ahead, speak up.

        • godzuki

          I have a homeless shelter within a block of my place and a home for adults with mental illness on my block and I’m fine with both.

  2. godzuki

    Perhaps some of the commenters here can seek therapy for going on the internet seeking out negative interactions.

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