Expect People Knocking at Your Door

Volunteers will also be wearing orange vests while conducting the survey.

Starting today, MEDA volunteers will hit the streets for a month to survey the Mission District. MEDA’s goal is to interview 1,000 households to identify what their needs and concerns are when accessing services. This will help the initiative Mission Promise Neighborhood (MPN) to offer a service integration that can better address the needs of the community. MPN has received a grant to insure a steady path for children to pursue college and continue on to their career, and to know how to do this first they need to analyze data.

The federal initiative mandates that this survey is carried out, and the logic behind it is pretty simple: families that navigate the system in need of resources for their children and themselves know best what the system needs.

And so, if you live in the area between Duboce Avenue and Cesar Chavez, and from Potrero Avenue to Dolores Street, you should expect people in an orange vest that reads “MEDA,” knocking at your door. The 25-minute bilingual survey will be anonymous, so you can chat away, but don’t confuse the volunteers for a free therapy session. The questions being asked should address children’s issues, their nutrition and housing and fiscal matters, among other questions.

More about the survey here.

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  1. John

    That picture looks like it was deliberately chosen to present (what looks to me like) one member of each of the four major racial groups.

    If it were a corporate image, they would no doubt be accused of over-weaning, cloying, precious and patronizing political correctness. But I guess if MEDA does it then it’s just a natural symbol of “diversity”.

    I hope they call on me, although for some strange reason, such ventures never do. I’ll tell them that I don’t need no damn services – I just want the government off my back.

    Oh, and how much is this all costing? Who is paying? And why is it “federally mandated”?

    • Josh

      That photo has 3 Latinos and 1 African-American. They are MEDA employees.

    • Lydia Chavez Staff

      John: The MEDA survey has nothing to do with racial diversity. I would expect that the volunteers are bilingual.They could just as well have been any color/race/creed. Does it matter? I can’t imagine why. As the story says, the volunteers are surveying low-income residents so they may not reach your place. However, if they do, I’m sure they will listen politely to your views. It is mandated because before serving a community, MEDA must find out what it actually needs. And yes, you and others have the right to say no. Politely, I hope, as doing door to door canvassing is never easy. Best, Lydia

  2. Joe Shlabotnik

    I live in the target area but have no kids. I do have a couple of cats and would be happy to discuss what services the City offers our feline residents.

  3. godzuki

    Sounds great. I would be happy to talk to them.

  4. landline

    You know what isn’t cute. A racist camping out on this site, spewing thinly veiled hatred and ignorance.

    Guessing race as an imprecise science? How about guessing your IQ based on your comments and lack of reading comprehension? I’d guess 80.

    • John

      It would be really helpful if you could keep your bigotry to yourself. It’;s totally unacceptable in a public forum to throw around allegations like that.

      I raised a legitimate question about the ethnic composition of these volunteers, the rationale for that. and the way they are being presented.

      If you cannot answer my questions, then better to remain silent and leave us in doubt about your intelligence, rather than speak up and settle the matter definitively.

      • landline

        That’s funny. I didn’t refer to you by name. Yet you answered my comment.

        If the shoe fits, motherfucker.

  5. landline

    One more thing. For someone who claims he is never the first to bring race into the comment pages, John certainly did so here and on the Speedy Gonzalez article.

    The fact that a white supremacist will post so vociferously even in relatively open-minded San Francisco shows how far we are from a “post-racial” society.

    • John

      You don’t know who Speedy Gonzalez was then?

      You think that does not signify a race?


  6. godzuki

    Please enforce the comments policy.

    Dullards are back.

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