$1 Burritos in the ’70s Were ‘Big Tubes’ for Bohemians

That’s right, and it is described as a ‘big tube’ burrito, explains Erica Peters, culinary historian, in her recent book “San Francisco: a Food Biography.”

Because the bohemians needed a meal that was cheap and filling, so they were happy to go into a new ethnic neighborhood, the Mission, and spend $2 — back then even $1 — to get a huge tube that would be a meal for tonight and tomorrow night.” MORE HERE.

On the Gold Rush: “The great thing about the Gold Rush is it brought people so quickly from all over the world, and they were interested in each others’ foods, because you come back from the mines and you want a quick way to show everyone how successful you were in the gold mining. So going to a fine restaurant and introducing people to the wonderful foods you can afford was a great way of showing off — and conspicuously consuming in front of your friends and rivals.” MORE HERE.

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  1. Valenchia

    Please tell me this was meant as a joke or did the author really fail so badly.

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