Yes, It Is. No, It Isn’t

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New York Magazine published a series of stories on San Francisco last week. And it didn’t really seem to sit well with everyone. Everyone seems to want to try the cake, but is very caught up in what it’s made of instead of just cutting through it.

But when she got up to leave, the old dude hailed her. OMG, it was her friend, only 28 years old and looking like Bruce Dern. The problem, she tells us sadly is, “He’d been living in San Francisco too long.” He’d lost his sense of style.

So which one is it? Louboutin heels or Rockports? World-class restaurants or techies crowded into bunk beds at a hacker commune? Pick a lane. MORE HERE.

The influx of journalists to the city in search of the hot San Francisco story might make stories very repetitive and full of stereotypes. Check this great cheat sheet from the Chronicle for writers new to town.

All in all, it seems like a lot of effort to knock a nice place. If this is their attitude, what makes them think we want to be New York? They may call it the Big Apple, but this sounds more like sour grapes. MORE HERE.

And keep up with the mainstream version of the cake with all the new San Fran shows: “Betas,” “Looking,” “Silicon Valley”….maybe throw in there “Dirty Harry” — I do like that one.

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