Wonder What Tech Can Do for the Mission?

In today’s S. F. Chronicle, Melissa Daar Carvajal, who describes herself as a “community relations manager for a bunch of do-gooder dot-commers who wanted to help” during the last dot-com boom tells you what can be done.

I was trying to work out a deal for office space and a grant for the Mission activists – but they didn’t go for it. It simply was not enough to cover the community’s substantial losses.

And the Bigsteppers efforts to build a child care center and teach computer skills to the Latina businesswomen who were running the center were good – but didn’t accomplish any big changes in the Mission.

Now we are back there again – I’ve leaned toward the pragmatic side of social change. That’s why today I seek the tech companies’ “venture investment” for our public school students in San Francisco. It’s doable because it’s so hyper-local – and it will make an immediate difference for the Mission District kids.

You’d be surprised at some of the easy-to-fill needs we have to struggle to raise funds for – regular stuff that any good education requires: library books, librarians, computers, arts and music programs, exercise and professional education for our teachers. No matter what theory you have about education, there’s no controversy over giving kids this kind of well-rounded education. It’s pretty much the ABCs of schooling and develops the social and emotional skills linked with academic success. READ MORE.

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  1. John

    Paraphrasing JFK, ask not what tech can do for the Mission. Ask what the Mission can do for tech.

    • lloyd bentsen

      I knew JFK. I served with JFK. You are no JFK. More like KKK.

      • John

        The sentiment remains valid. We should stop demanding that others do this and do that for us, as if we are some basketcase welfare-dependant banana republic.

        We need to develop some pride and integrity, rather than bleat for handouts.

        • two beers

          The US provides the lowest level of social services of any western industrialized democracy. We rank below many third-world nations, in fact.

          But we beat Somalia!

          • John

            That is because Americans don’t want to be like Europe and vote accordingly.

            Wouldn’t you rather have a choice? I know I would,

          • two beers

            “Vote accordingly?” Screw you, pal.

            We have two choices here:
            1. Conservatives
            2. Republicans.

            Elections aren’t a “free market.” It would take hundreds of millions of dollars to create a valid third party. Not gonna happen.

            In the meantime, in 2016, we’ll get a choice of rightwing Wall St whore Hillary or rightwing Wall St whore Jeb.

            “Wouldn’t you rather have a choice? I know I would”

            Screw you and your fake choice

            Were you born a pompous sanctimonious ass, or did you become one?


          • John

            The two main parties only seem similar if you are either on the extreme left or the extreme right.

            As a political moderate, there are massive differences between the two, although I would accept that the European parties offer more diversity.

            The US has two parties that look similar because Americans are near unanimous that they want a form of right-wing capitalism, and the differences are more of implementation and degree. Whereas in Europe people can vote for very different systems.

            And you are free to vote for an independant. That can make a big difference e.g. when Perot and Nader ran.

  2. marcos

    Rainbow Grocery has a gift card program where 10% of your purchases are donated to local worthy causes. I use mine to send some coin to the Marshall Elementary PTA.

  3. I believe Melissa’s last name is Carvajal.

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