The victim woke up from a nap Thursday at 1 p.m. to the sound of a window breaking.  She got up to investigate and found a young woman standing in her apartment and bleeding from the wrist.

“She cut herself from the glass climbing through the window,” said the victim, who lives at the edge of the Mission on Elgin Park near Valencia Street.

The young woman told her that she was running away from someone.

“She asked me to get a towel to help the bleeding and to not call the police,” the victim added in an e-mail.

Instead, the victim followed her instincts, ran into the restroom, locked the door behind her and called 911.

The police arrived 10 minutes later, but by then the suspect was gone –  so was the victim’s wallet, a 13-inch Macbook air and a digital radio.

Police confirmed the report.

The victim described the suspect as an African American in her earlier thirties with a short Afro and medium build.  At the time of the break-in she was wearing a tank top and jeans and carrying a black backpack.

Anyone with tips should call police at 415- 552-4558.