VIDEO: Police Use Force Against CCSF Protesters

Screen shot from video by Peter Menchini's Vimeo feed.

Here’s a video via Peter Menchini’s Vimeo feed. He seems to have been on the side where a woman can be seen thrown to the ground by police yesterday at a protest at CCSF, where a crowd of students met to demand that Special Trustee Robert Agrella step down.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian reports that a student was pepper-sprayed and two others have been arrested.

More here from Twitter:

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  1. poor.ass.millionaire

    Bunch of fucking spoiled babies here. I hate righteous- hysterical protesters. Probably go home and masturbate to how awesome they were “standing up” to the police. Like I said, spoiled babies.

    • John

      Yes, can somebody please put the poor, sad thing called CCSF out of its misery, and close it already?

      • two beers

        Says the entitled elitist snob who despises the lower economic classes he exploits, yet for whom wants to eliminate affordable educational opportunities.

        freaking hypocrite.

        • John

          So, as usual, no comment on the topic. Just a personal attack on anyone expressing a different view from yours.

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