A 42-year-old victim was sitting in his black sedan on 16th Street near Potrero Avenue on Friday at 9:34 p.m. when a 20-something approached him with a handgun, according to police.

The suspect ordered the driver out of the car and asked him to walk away. He did. The suspect then drove off, heading south on Potrero, according to police.


On Saturday at 6 p.m. a 37-year-old man on a bike rode up to the intersection of 26th and Mission. He stopped long enough for a 28-year-old man at the intersection to punch him in the face and knock him off his bike. The suspect peddled away.

The victim suffered a bloody nose but refused treatment. It is unclear if the two knew one another.


Later on Saturday at 9:30 p.m., two suspects in their early 20s jumped a 27-year-old man walking south on Harrison near 25th Street. One suspect had a knife and stabbed the victim in the arm.

The suspects fled after taking the victim’s wallet and neck chain.

No arrests have been made.

Crime is trauma and the county offers different services. Here is a link to a page of services.

Victims of violent crime can contact the Trauma Recover Center at UCSF.