The Story of Los Shucos Hot Dogs

Few new hot dog places have gotten as much buzz as Los Shucos on 22nd near Bartlett so we decided to figure out what all the fuss was about. Turns out, it’s about Guatemala, avocados and homemade buns.

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  1. Jon Wollenhaupt

    Talentosa y tan guapa!

  2. poor.ass.millionaire

    Looked at the yelp pics…I dunno…$6-8 bucks for a bun filled with avocado and condiments? The hot dog itself looked very small. Not seeing the value here.

  3. Godzuki

    Not a big hot dog person, but I’m curious. Looks like a great, more down-to-earth alternative to the comedic overpriced food scene on Valencia. I will be going there. I like the infusion of real culture and sense of community fostered in the video.

  4. Carmen

    Why do you call them “Latin” and not “Guatemalan”. As a Guatemalan I find it offensive that you claim to want to represent Guatemala with something from the country, but you don’t acknowledge it in the name!

    • Did you go to the store? There is “Guatemala” all over the store.

    • Sofia

      Dear Carmen, we call them Latin hot dogs because we proudly serve you not only the classic Guatemalan Shuco but other creations drawn from Latin American cultures and flavors.

      • Irene Lobos

        Hola Sofía. Yo vivo en San José Ca y también de Guate. Hoy en un suplemento de Woman’s day latina la receta de shucos pero sin mención de Guate. Me dio curiosidad donde lo encontraron y buscando en Google dice con este artículo. Lo estoy compartiendo en Facebook y espero un día a comer Shucos a SF!!

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