The Revolution Will be Bottle-less

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It is no secret that a good marketing campaign can make you think anything is better than it actually is. And water is no exception to that rule. Marketing campaigns let us know that bottled water is better, cleaner and safer. But, you are also paying for it. And who knows what those plastic containers are doing to your health.

The beverage industry “has spent millions on misleading marketing” claiming bottled water is safer, said Katherine Sawyer with the nonprofit Corporate Accountability International.

“It spouts this myth even though tap water is much more strictly regulated,” Sawyer said.

Now, the Board of Supervisors will be approving a ban on bottled water being sold or distributed in City property.

The legislation from board president David Chiu, which targets water bottles of up to 21 ounces, will take effect Oct. 1, with certain exemptions until 2016 for food trucks and outdoor events where a reliable on-site water supply is not yet feasible.

The legislation will apply to all events on city property starting in 2018. READ MORE HERE.

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