And the earth moves as the $13.2 million renovation begins. The SF Chronicle goes over the details:

While the official groundbreaking for the project is set for Saturday morning, it will be March 13 when the fences go up to close the half of Dolores Park between 18th Street and the park’s central walkway. Seven months later, that area will be reopened and the fences moved to the other side of the park. Work is scheduled to be completed by the spring of 2015.

“We asked the neighborhood groups if they wanted the work done in stages or whether they preferred that the whole park be closed so the work could get done a little quicker,” saidJacob Gilchrist, project manager for the city’s Recreation and Park Department. “Everyone wanted to keep half the park open.”

There is no way to avoid disruption with a project this size, he added. The park’s tennis courts will be moved, new restrooms will be built, handicapped-accessible paths will be constructed, and modern irrigation and electrical systems will be added. Only the new children’s playground completed in 2012 will remain open throughout the construction work.  READ MORE.