The Go-To App for Mission Renters

Screen-grab from a Google image search for Lovely apartment renting.

Looking for an apartment to rent can be a nightmare because there is a high demand, but also because there are minimal search tools. Lovely is an app that promises to make the whole process less exhausting for renters and landlords. The search capability will pull listings from all over the web and will show them on a map for an easy find. The app provides other characteristics such as setting an alert on the type of place you are looking for, creating a renter card for easy send and applying “in just one click.” The app also allows you to get in touch with your landlord and set up a recurring payment.

Most people use Craigslist to look for apartments. Unfortunately there is no designed, efficient app from Craigslist, which creates a business opportunity for third party apps like Lovely, with a design that makes it easier to navigate the rental marketplace. Here’s how Lovely gets their listings:

Lovely is clearly betting that the lack of an official Craigslist mobile app leaves a wide-open niche in the apartment hunting market. In fact, Lovely gets its data from a number of sources, including 3Taps, a service that is involved in back-and-forth litigation with Craigslist over the use of Craigslist’s rental listings. The upshot, though, is that most, if not all, rental listings posted on Craigslist should appear in the Lovely app.READ MORE HERE.

And, here’s how they make money. (OK, yes the thread is two years old but they have already gone into offering services to landlords):

Pierson [its co-founder] says the current business model for Lovely is a straight, per-lease commission that it has with several of its data providers. But in future, Lovely will also expand to professional services for landlords. It is currently beta testing some of these with landlords in San Francisco and plans to launch them publicly in the next few months, along with other service expansions, including a new mobile app. READ MORE HERE.

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  1. John

    This looks like Redfin for renters.

    Nice idea but why should LL’s pay to attract tenants when we get 100 responses from a single CraigsList ad?

    I’d like to see a feature like Redfin’s “Buy this Home now” where a tenant could bid for a particular rental even if there are already tenants in there and it’s not being advertized.

    • I think a lot of people would like to see an app with an ‘upgrade landlord now’ button, for all those negligent, threatening, uber greedy and hostile cases. For a small fee, this could do wonders for the mental health of SF.

      • John

        B2TB, you can upgrade your landlord any time you want.

        You can move.

        Or make an offer to buy your building.

  2. poor.ass.millionaire

    Is this thing for realz? Anyone using it?

    Pero me no pay no dinero, con craigslist es libré.

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