The Brits Are Coming to Mission Street

A neighbor from the Beauty Bar meets Ed Sargent, right.
The site on March, 18.

The site on March, 18.

Carsons, serving a British menu, will open sometime in the next couple of weeks, at the same spot where Charanga served Pan-Latin food for 13 years until it closed in November, 2011.

“We don’t know whether we will call it a gastro pub yet,” said co-owner Ed Sargent who has been spending most of his time at the 2351 Mission site overseeing the construction.

Roger Howell, who owns Murio’s with him, is his partner in this venture as well. (Howell also owns a dog named Carson).

The menu will include mussels, bangers and chips, pickled eggs, mushrooms on toast and game hen sliders. It is being developed by Matthew Nudelman, who owned Greenburger’s on Haight Street.

Sargent said he worked in construction before getting into the restaurant business two and a half years ago with Howell.

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  1. John

    Let’s hope they serve boiled kidneys and spotted dick.

  2. stewardone

    ooohhhhh can’t wait… I am American… but I love Brit food… enjoy pub food the most when in London… but yes… looking forward to checking it out

  3. Matt Smith

    Less latin more bland dot dot dot

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