Tamale Lady’s New Spot on 16th and Capp

Photo by Ramon Burgos Ruiz

SFist reports that the Tamale Lady will have a new shop on 16th near Capp street sometime this spring.

As we learned just before the new year, Virginia “Tamale Lady” Ramos is finally going to get her own brick-and-mortar storefront in the Mission which will soon become a go-to tamale destination. Today SFist has learned that her lease is, indeed, signed for a space near 16th and Mission, construction has begun, and she’ll be having a press conference in the coming weeks.

As Supervisor David Campos’s aide Nathan Albee tells us, she “should be ready to open by late spring.”

Also today we can confirm that the location is at 16th and Capp, across from Chile Lindo Empanadas and a couple doors over from Maruya, a.k.a. the former Bar Bambino.  READ MORE

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  1. poor.ass.millionaire

    Oh I don’t wanna hear about the fucking tamale lady. Supervisor Crapos sure milked that little nugget for political gain, huh? Maybe they can find her a super cheap rent controlled apartment too. Wait, she probably already has one of those.

    16th and Capp hmmm…she can join that loud mouthed chile lindo protester/owner: rent control! Rent control! Rent control! Milk landlord! Milk landlord! Milk landlord! (The revolution will not be televised….yeah whatever, you burned-out-boomer.)

  2. Sage

    Considering her previous tamales were $5-6, and now she has overhead to cover, will she be selling $8 tamales? Her tamales were complete rubish, all masa, no meat, no spice. Why wouldn’t one just go buy a super burrito for $7?

    And can we see some proof that she actually paid taxes on her freelance tamale income?

    • poor.ass.millionaire

      RU shittin me? Were they really $5-6 bucks? Zeitgeist is a total fraud then!

      This is NOT legit (sic).

  3. pete

    I’ll stick with the old couple that walk around selling them for 2 bucks a pop.

  4. Godzuki

    I thought conservatives were “pro-business”.


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