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Walk up 17th Street from the Mission towards Potrero Hill and you will reach the Bottom of the Hill, a music venue where local bands build audiences up through music. The surrounding area has been home to warehouses that will become — wait for it — housing.

SF Weekly writes about the city’s nightlife and how nightclubs are affected by the proposed plans, be it a hospital or the now decided 200 homes for the piece of land.

The Mission’s 12 Galaxies was forced to reinforce its noise-proofing before eventually closing in 2008, Schwartz says. After the real estate blog SocketSite discovered in February that building owners had submitted preliminary plans for a condo project on the site of the Elbo Room on Valencia Street, rumors circulated that the club could close. Club owner Matt Shapiro says those plans were only theoretical, and that the Elbo Room isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“It’s the same pressure. We’re feeling it all over the city,” says Guy Carson, who recently sold the Cafe du Nord — where up to 200 condos are planned nearby — after running it for 10 years. He’s also a member of the California Music and Culture Association, which lobbies for local nightlife. “One of the arguments we keep making is that you have to plan for fun, and the developers aren’t doing a good job of planning for fun.” READ MORE HERE.

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  1. Godzuki

    Bottom of the Hill is great. Went there for years and didn’t go for a long time. Went a couple weeks ago and it’s still great. Intimate room with a great sound system. They even have ginger beer! Well worth your support.

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