SNAP: Stand Your Ground (Mission Edition)

Don’t shoot.

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  1. Yes such a real Mission resident, just shove that ugly satellite dish out the window to pollute everyones view.

    • John

      Paradoxically, a sign like this can indicate a good investment, because other buyers may be deterred which can mean buying the building for a better price.

      While tenants who overplay their hand can find themselves on the business end of a UD for nuisance, breach of lease or refusal to grant reasonable access – all valid causes under the Ordinance.

      Such a sign can also be self-defeating because a new buyer may just think “Screw these guys – I’ll just Ellis”.

  2. pete

    How long do I have to live here before I can rightly claim it as “My Mission?”

    • John

      To answer the question, we’d need to know which demographic segment the neighborhood’s resident leadership stereotypes you into.

      For instance, if you are Hispanic then the Mission is “yours” as soon as you show up. Don’t even have to be a citizen.

      On the other hand, if you are a white male tech worker, then it will never be your Mission because you are politically incorrect and ideologically impure.

      The Mission PC police will let you know when you belong based on rules that you don’t need to know and cannot affect.

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