SNAP: Mission Techies At Work!

Mission Techies at work.

Contributed through Mission Local’s SNAPP page for citizen reporters. 

Mission Techies, a technology training and career development program helping young adults ages 18-24 develop the skills and capabilities for long-term employment launched January 27, 2014.

Community service, a major component of the program, helps participants develop a commitment to their community while building their skills through hands-on work. The Mission Techies decided refurbishing computers for MEDA clients and supporting clients solve their computer hardware issues was relevant to the Mission as well as a good fit for the training they were receiving.

So far Mission Techies have helped 10 families by removing viruses and spyware, performing updates, and reformatting Windows 7. The youth decided to offer these services as low income families are unable to pay very high tech support fees from Best Buy and other Mission Refurbish businesses. Three families have said that they really like the service that we have provided to them and will refer more families with computer issues. Mission Techies – supporting the Mission District low income families “one connection @ a time”

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