SF’s Neighborhoods Shifted

The many hoods of San Francisco. Courtesy of Paragon Realty

The San Francisco Chronicle writes about neighborhood borders shifted – San Jose Avenue for example is now part of Noe Valley – all in the name of sales.  They are also sliced and diced to create micro-hoods.  It all seems harmless enough.

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  1. John

    I agree it’s all harmless. If someone wants to feel better by claiming to live in Baja Noe rather than the Outer Mission, who are we to quibble?

    Of course, where this stuff really matters is outside of the very few US cities like SF that still employ the archaic, racist system of school busing. In a lot of places, which side of the street you live on makes a real difference to how good an education your kids will get.

    And therefore on your home value.

  2. poor.ass.millionaire

    What’s new with this map? It’s the standard SFAR (San fran assoc realtors) map that been in effect for years now.

  3. nimby

    Now that the Vida complex and the Putt-putt are coming online we’ve got a new mini hood we’ve started calling “la Vida Loca”. It runs from 23rd to 21st and from So. Van Ness to The Liberty Hill border. If La Rondalla ever opens we would consider expanding it to cover 20th to 24th. Our micro section has long been known as cabron corners.

    • Kaliman

      That’s a good one! Donde chingados esta “cabron corners”? I think I’m right on the border of La Vida Loca!

  4. Kaliman

    Leave it to realtors to concoct and attempt to shift neighborhood lines to make a pretty penny. They would all love to see every neighborhood include descriptive words like “something Pacific Heights, lowerish Nob Hill, upperish Russian Hill…” in their perfect neighborhood renaming dreams. It’s all about making a buck.

    • John

      If you read the article, you’d know that it is often the residents of a neighborhood who welcome and embrace these new names.

      The Mission in particular is too large and intuitively sub-divides into various sub-neighborhoods.

      Names come and go. There is no sinister plot here – it’s a natural process. As the neighborhoods change and progress, the nomenclature reflects those transitions.

      • Kaliman

        If you read the article, you’d know that realtors are in the driver’s seat.

        They of course want to do away with the minority “presence”.

        “The fact that many of the changes are aimed at neighborhoods with a heavy minority presence isn’t lost on the people who live there.”

        Driven by their higher sales commissions.


        • John

          Garbage. This has nothing to do with race.

          Must you play a race card on every topic?

          • bullshit detector

            Kaliman is quoting from the article you referred him to.


          • Kaliman

            Thank you BSD.

            Read the article.
            Again -nothing new – check the history of the Western Addition and you can see the attempts by realtors to reclaim portions under more upscale names.

          • John

            I read the article and repudiate the spurious race card playing.

            Identity politics is in a death spiral. Abandon ship.

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