Tech Workers Are Just Like Everyone Else, They Like Sex

From 2012, Courtesy of Mission Control.

SF Gate reports on tech workers and the city’s sex clubs focusing in on Mission Control, the private sex club that has operated for more than a dozen years.

The Gate report focuses in on the 3500 square feet apartment in Potrero Hill, but it also operated for years on Mission Street near 21nd where one of our reporters visited in 2012.

The Chronicle reports today that the hoodie-wearing tech workers are now showing up for the sex-themed parties on Potrero Hill.

Some people might suggest that Mission Control’s popularity now isn’t about technologists being inherently drawn to sex clubs, but just a reflection of who’s exploring the city these days. That would be techies, whose companies are locating here in increasing numbers, creating both tensions and opportunities.

“I don’t think it’s necessarily tech and polyamory overlapping. It’s more about who’s young and single in the city right now,” said Liz, a 26-year-old data scientist who has become active in Mission Control leadership and, like many, did not want her full name used. “And there are overlaps with class and education and who has time to do things like this.”

In other words, hoodie-wearing aside, techies have flooded the social scene in San Francisco as never before, as the sector has expanded from Silicon Valley.

“Mission Control is a space for all the different types in San Francisco. Normal people need a place to f- too, not just the freaks,” said Whittaker, in an earlier interview. “We started Club Kiss parties for these buttoned-up tech types. Now it’s our most popular night.” READ MORE.

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