PR for Tech? Buy Local

The Everlasting Love Artist Co-op.

SF Gate has a piece on advice from a local messenger bag maker:

“Because there’s been such a progressive agenda in the city, the call to action (to tech companies) has been, ‘You should be more philanthropic,’ ” said Dwight, a former Cisco employee who founded Rickshaw Bagworks, a 16-employee firm that custom-manufactures messenger bags and backpacks in the Dogpatch neighborhood.

Shop locally

“Don’t just think about the philanthropic things we’re doing – think about where you shop,” Dwight said.

Lately, tech philanthropy has been top of mind among the city’s tech and political leaders. READ MORE.

It’s what locals here have been saying as well, although I can’t imagine that tech workers are buying anywhere else.

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  1. John

    Is there anyone in this city who doesn’t have an opinion about what other people should do?

    • C. Russo

      I doubt it, but few are as prolific about expressing it as you.

    • marcos

      Why don’t you move to another city where people do not feel the compunction to command conduct in others, you might feel happier?

      • John

        I rarely try and tell anyone else what to do here. My main requirement is that other people leave me alone.

        And even in SF it is possible to achieve that, with a little planning.

        It just amazes me that so many peoples’ lives appear to be focused on trying to stop other people from doing what they want.

  2. nutrisystem

    I guess it’s OK that these Tech companies are enabling a totalitarian surveillance state, so long as they buy some locally made messenger bags.

    • poor.ass.millionaire

      ….so long as they buy some locally made (over priced) bags (by a former tech worker.) then they are perfectly suited to be classic Bay Area hypocrites. Hey, at least we can capture it all live on video!

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