Is SF the New NY: The Nation’s Success Theater?

On Dolores Street. Photo by Sarah McClure

In its latest issue, New York Magazine asks the question of whether New York has lost it to San Francisco. We’re still reading through it, but here is a link to the main piece. 

Meanwhile, certain pockets of San Francisco have become the sort of gilded playground that New York once was. Brand-new Teslas with vanity plates like DISRUPTD drift down the streets of the Mission District, where pawnshops and porn stores used to be. Paper millionaires spend their nights at the Battery, a members-­only club with a tech-heavy roster and a $10,000-per-night penthouse suite. Upscale restaurants pop up at regular intervals, each with a more elite clientele and a more Portlandia-esque menu—everything from the $4 artisanal toast that sparked a citywide craze to the underground supper clubs serving kombucha pairings with sustainable-seafood dinners. Finding an affordable apartment in the city has become, as one tech worker lamented to me recently, “a Hunger Games scenario.”

In many ways, San Francisco is the nation’s new success theater. READ MORE.

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  1. Frank

    Didn’t they write the same thing in 1998? Maybe this is how New Yorkers motivate themselves to create a greater and greater city. (San Francisco has a long way to go.)

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