Iced Blue Bottle + Organic Milk = A Package to Die For

Image via EaterSF

The techies love Blue Bottle Coffee and they’ve funded it. Did you know they have one location on 18th at Alabama? Welp! Now your palate will be able to enjoy the very same caffeinated experience in the form of a very lovely package.

How about pairing up your coffee with neighborhood news? (Wink, wink venture capitalists.)

Blue Bottle Coffee unveiled the next phase in its evolution: a ready-to-drink, packaged version of its lauded New Orleans Iced Coffee.

…and it’s scheduled to hit shelves at every Whole Foods in Northern California by mid-March.

The all-organic contents are much like you’d receive at a Blue Bottle shop: coffee, roasted chicory, cane sugar, and Clover milk, in a 10.66-ounce adorable milk carton. READ MORE HERE.

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