Hamms Building Sold

The Hamms Building from Google street view.

The Commercial Property Executive reports that the Hamms building at 1550 Bryant St.  near 15th Street has sold.

TMG Partners announced this week that it had sold The Hamm’s Building along with Alcion Ventures.

The building is located at 1550 Bryant Street in San Francisco’s Mission District and totals 184,706 square feet of office space. The asset was originally built during the first years of the 20th century for the Rainier Brewing Company, and gained the name “Hamm’s” during the 50s and 70s when the building featured a massive neon sign for Hamm’s Beer. The building sat unoccupied for a number of years, until a massive redevelopment project was carried out in 1985, transforming the 12-story brewery into an office building. READ MORE

As we reported earlier, it is also the second location of the Salumeri on 20th Street. 

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  1. John

    It’s one of the jewels of the Mission, and nice to see continued interest and investment in it.

    Too bad it’s not at 16th and Mission.

    • two beers

      “Too bad it’s not at 16th and Mission”


      • John

        It would anchor that nasty intersection.

        As it is, we just have to hope the planned condo tower goes in there, and takes out the garbage.

        • C. Russo

          It’s due to sociopathic comments like this that Mission Local closes off comments on certain articles (cf. http://missionlocal.org/2010/06/mission-memories/).

          • John

            There is no way of telling from that link whether there ever were any comments, let alone what they were.

            Cleaning up the 16th St. BART plaza has been discussed here before, so it is a legitimate topic on ML.

        • two beers

          How does it feel to be an elitist pig?

          • John

            I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t born rich.

          • two beers


            All aristocrats are elitists, but not all elitists are aristocrats.

          • John

            Being elitist implies a sense of superiority because of breeding, education, diction and so on.

            I subscribe to meritocracy, not elitism. A trust fund baby who doesn’t need to work and so becomes an “activist” is far more elitist than I could ever be.

          • two beers

            You can make up your own definitions, John, but it’s a sign of stupidity.

            Elitism simply means that one believes certain classes are more deserving of wealth and power than others. A trustie who serves soup Food Not Bombs instead of working in daddy’s bank might be a hypocrite to you. but she isn’t an elitist, BY DEFINITION, you freaking jackass.

            You, like the Calvin whose name you share, believe that wealth is is its own sign of worth.Like a true sociopath, you conflate merit with wealth,

            You wouldn’t know a meritocracy if it shat on your bloated sense of self worth.

          • John

            2beers, it’s not up to me how wealth gets allocated so it doesn’t matter what I think about who deserves it.

            It’s about what the market decides about who gets wealth, and that is in turn about what the sum total of all my fellow Americans choose to spend their money on.

            I don’t think I am smart enough to second guess what the American people want, so why do you think that that?

          • two beers

            Fucktard, the Wall St bankers are wealthy because the government they own bailed out their trillion-dollar-plus gambling losses 100% on the dollar, and then gave them trillions more in free money to play with.

            Your Hora

          • landline

            As the banksters plant the seeds for next part of the ongoing crisis and its subsequent publicly funded bailout. Free market and meritocracy, my ass.


          • John

            Some people are smart enough to attract all that new wealth that is being generated.

            And some are not.

  2. John

    That was years before I even knew about this site, so I’ve way of verifying your claim.

    I’ve noticed that some articles do not allow any comments from the start. There may be a simpler explanation.

    One thing I know for sure is that ML welcomes diverse opinions and so has no slanted ideological agenda and all the censorship that typically goes along with such a stance.

  3. marcos

    I software consulted with a firm that officed in that building, it was a very good example of adaptive reuse.

    Legend has it that anarchist punks squatted in the building in the early 1980s and made the homes in the tank sized tuns.

    • John

      Those anarchist punks now have a home in the burbs, three kids and a portfolio of mutual funds.

      • marcos

        Just ran into two gay punk friends today who I’ve known since back in the day right here in the City.

        We came, we respected the community, we became part of it, we stayed, the natives did not get restless.

      • two beers

        Maybe some of them do.

        So? What’s your fucking point?

        I guess they should never have had dreams of a better world, and should have just been greedy, conniving, complacent, elitist douchebags, comme toi?

        • landline

          two beers, please refrain from French. This is an English only site. That is French?

          Carry on. Maybe more than two tonight?

          • two beers

            vas t’faire foutre, espece de cochon.

          • landline

            Ironie. Merci, monsieur deux bières. John est le cochon.

          • John

            A personal attack in French is still a personal attack. Thank you, landline, for conceding defeat in a debate in your traditional manner.

            When all you and 2beers have left is insults, I know I have prevailed.

          • landline

            Quelqu’un qui appelle les gens comme les ordures est un cochon. Vous vous insultez.

            Vous ne pouviez pas vaincre une personne morte dans une discussion.

          • John

            Thanks for responding to me, landline, after you told everyone that you won’t do that.

            And thanks for resorting to another language – another classic “tell” that you know you’ve lost the debate.

        • John

          Yeah, all those hippies who came here in the 1960’s were full of hope and idealism. Or at least drugs.

          Most of them either made out like bandits and became the establishment. Or they present pitiful sites stumbling along Haight Street.

          People do grow up, even in San Francisco. Most people get that the Peter Pan thing here is just a game of deferral.

    • Mel

      Marcos – it was M.D.C. Here’s a link to the history of The Vats. http://www.foundsf.org/index.php?title=M.D.C._AND_THE_VATS

      • marcos

        Thanks, I remember reading that somewhere, it must have been foundsf. I don’t remember MDC from Austin when I was there 80-81 although I used to see the Big Boys and the Dicks at Rauls all the time. But into the late 1980s as homocore arose they coalesced into that movement and I got to know them. MDC’s collaboration with Michelle Shocked “Fogtown” came out about a year before I ditched Texas myself, it helped lure me here.

  4. landline

    Some people are smart (um, corrupt) enough to attract all that new wealth that is being generated.

    And some are not.

    Fixed the post. I won’t bother improving the shockingly poor writing ability. Anyone with access to good writing training learns by early secondary school to avoid the passive voice. And this is from a self-described Ivy Leaguer. How sad our education system is, even at its supposedly best institutions.

    • John

      Thanks for your reply to me, landline, and for giving up on ignoring me.

      If you have proof of corruption you sjould send it to the DA or the AG. The fact that you have not means that is just a spurious allegation with nothing backing it up.

      There are legitimate uses for the passive tense of verbs. Google it.

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