Good Morning Mission!

Does anyone know what these decals are?

It’s 7 a.m., 52° and headed to 62°. Details for the next 10 days are here.

First, my apologies for a glitchy site over the last 48 hours as we migrated from one host to another and in doing so, have not quite figured out how to take all of our content with us. Left behind: photos and some posts from yesterday, but we’re still trying to recover them and should figure it out before too long.

It’s late and I’m hungry and I’m thinking about a burrito. So too was SF Weekly’s food writer who asks the question: What’s better, the Mission’s Taqueria Cancún or the East Bay’s La Mission Mexican Grill? He votes for the La Mission. Right now I would take either, but Taqueria Cancún’s closer and cheaper.

The NYT has an interesting piece on the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s very long closing as a new addition goes up.

For this initiative, “SFMOMA on the Go,” the museum reached out to the Asian Art Museum and the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University, among others, lending its art for exhibitions. The museum is also doing public art projects, planting Mark di Suvero steel sculptures within sight of the Golden Gate Bridge and commissioning new works for the city of Los Altos.

The not-so-hidden agenda of these efforts is to keep the museum’s name alive. The program’s tag line, splashed across the museum’s website, is “Closed for construction, yet more open than ever.”  READ MORE

It doesn’t feel more open than ever to me and it will be good to have it back in early January 2016.

Enjoy the weekend.  It’s a good one for art. 

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  1. Miles

    That’s a Hazmat placard. It’s posted so that emergency responders (particularly firefighters) can know what kind of hazardous materials are inside. You also see them on trucks carrying hazardous materials. Each square has a number indicating what type and level of hazardous material is present.

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