Get Your Voice Heard on Housing

A group of people protesting San Francisco evictions marches down 18th Street. "Out of the bakery and into the streets," they yell when they reach Tartine. Photo by Molly Oleson

The SFBG lists lots of opportunities over the next week to talk about housing including two on Wednesday the 12th and one on Wednesday the 14th.  Get the details here. 

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  1. John

    The Noe Valley event sounds like a more balanced crew.

    The other one comes across as too partisan and one-sided to be of much utility. It will just be the usual chorus of whining from the usual suspect whiners.

  2. Kaliman

    Great. We will see you on Wed 3/19. We are excited to the possibility of hearing YOUR whining, racist-laden babble in person.
    See you there TROLL!!

    • John

      If you are going to attend public meetings, you might want to work on learning how to hear political opinions that are different from yours without getting angry and hateful.

      As MLK said, we must learn to disagree without being disagreeable.

  3. Kaliman

    Always open to differences of opinion. No hate – just facts.

    You continue to babble your pro-landlord, anti-rent control, racist-laden opinions on practically every subject.

    You’re in oblivion since I’m hardly the first to call you on this -you racist troll. yuck.

    • John

      Again, you will prove more persuasive if you can hear contrary views without launching into spiteful invective.

      Intolerance of diversity is not a San Francisco value.

      • Kaliman

        You constantly reek of intolerance. Reek!

        How is your initial comment “It will just be the usual chorus of whining from the usual suspect whiners.” tolerant of those that might be attending? Where are your SF values these days?

        You have no interest in other views other than your self-serving, racially-divisive babble.


        • John

          A lot of discussion about housing in SF is little more than whining and expressions of envy. People want something for nothing, but we know that isn’t helpful or possible.

          I’d welcome a positive discussion on housing. But if all you’ve got is attacks on those who provide homes currently, then that is not going to get you anywhere.

          We need to build more homes and relax some constraints to building and providing homes. And some people who are in SF now probably should not be.

          That’s the truth but many are in denial. In the end those who create and provide housing do not have to do so. You need them more than they need you. So at some point you are going to have to start playing nice.

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