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Screenshot from the Bold Italic.

Our very own Dan Hirsch writes for The Bold Italic about theater production company We Players that specializes in classical theater production at historical sites. They’ve produced Hamlet on Alcatraz and Odyssey on Angel Island. Read Hirsch’s interview with Ava Roy, artistic director and actress, on Macbeth’s production on Fort Point, under the Golden Gate Bridge.

To mount its version of Macbeth,We Players selected Civil War-era fortress Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge. For a tale of power struggles and dark forces that take place in the tumultuous, rainy Scottish highlands, the foreboding weather was icing on a cake already rich with atmospherics.

And, here’s a taste on what the Shakespeare piece looks like being interpreted by the Golden Gate Bridge:

Why did you choose Fort Point for Macbeth?

Physically, the space is perfect. It’s this big, brick, damp, cold fortress. In terms of thematic connection, it was built during Civil War, but it was pretty much obsolete by the time it was completed. It speaks to the futility of protection. Everything Macbeth does to protect himself is basically futile. Sonically, as well as environmentally, there’s this constant buzz and throbbing noise from the sound of cars on the bridge above, the waves outside, the wind, you can’t get away from it … from the very beginning, you get this sense you’re shot out of a gun, the play really accelerates, and you can’t escape. READ MORE HERE.

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