Car Keys Snatched in Road Rage on Folsom Street

Saad's car after his keys were taken.

Mohammed Saad, 57, said that he was driving behind a young man in a Pontiac south on Folsom around 1 p.m. on Tuesday when the car stopped short in front of him just south of 16th Street.

The young man, who Saad described as thin and in his 20s, approached his car, opened the door and grabbed his keys. The assailant then took off and left Saad behind with no way to drive his car.

That may have been the point. A third party who witnessed the end of the incident said the driver of the Pontiac was indeed upset, but no one saw the incident leading up to Saad’s keys being taken.

“I stopped then he took the keys,” said Saad, who lives in Colma and was waiting to give police officers a photo of the sedan that clearly showed its license plate.

A meter officer said it sounded to him like an incident of road rage.

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  1. About The Same

    Were you perhaps tailgating him and he got p***ed off?

  2. Dan

    This is a town car for hire, and I can tell you, those guys are super aggressive. When walking in a crosswalk, they will try and sneak through, just about hitting you. I don’t blame the driver in front, at all!

    • rfkolbe

      I have had my incidents with them too as pedestrian. In certain areas of the city I think they are doing more than giving people rides too. I’ll leave it at that.

    • Kenneth Koehn

      Yes, they block the cross walk -pedestrian cross walk painted in white. They are super aggressive and literally dare you to walk in your space between the white lines. I wouldn’t get off the curb until the driver stops. Very, very dangerous situation.

  3. Missy District

    Wow. You people are ready to blame the victim and make a lot of assumptions about things you don’t actually know anything about, like what happened here.

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