A Modest Cellar

We walked by Local Cellar at 22nd and Florida on Wednesday and were surprised at the store’s modesty. The wines, however, look well chosen.

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  1. So this particular establishment is *not* gentrification?

  2. Godzuki

    With all the issues around chronic inebriates in SF and the Mission, seems weird and inappropriate to open a business like this.

  3. pete

    Looking forward to checking it out!

  4. marcos

    Rye aged on Treasure Island, available now with more radium.

  5. nutrisystem

    Liquor store for 99%ers replaced by liquor store for 1%ers.

    Alcohol is a drug that seems so much classier when rich people with gross beards are involved.

    • John

      nutrisystem, if this store isn’t a fit for the local community than it will fail. The market picks winners and losers far better than individuals, and especially individuals with an ideological bias.

      That said, I don’t notice much difference in the price of licqor across all types of stores. In fact, the place that does my favorite beer the cheapest is a corner store – cheaper than TJ’s and BevMo.

      Gross beards?

      • nutrisystem

        Yes, the new wave of “artisanal” booze-meisters seem to believe that a lush growth of facial pubic hair lends an air of earthy, authoritative, authenticity to their workmanship.

      • marcos

        But the dominant ideology is unbiased.

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