Your Guide to Next Door Noe Valley

This from Curbed. Its best recommendation, a reminder of the take out place on Diamond near 24th Street, Pasta Gina, that sells fresh pasta. READ MORE.

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  1. John

    I’ve warmed to Noe Valley over the years. In my youth it seemed staid but, when the kids came along, I see why people migrate there.

    And in fact I’ve been gradually moving west albeit gradually and I’m still in the Mission. My first place was east of Folsom, my second east of SVN, my third on Guerrero and then I reached the holy of holies – Dolores. Still not Noe but it has that vibe at least.

    In fact, the area bounded by 24th, Church, 20th and Dolores is the Mission nirvana. Good transit and freeway access, close to everything and yet exclusively detached from the grit and grime that is best admired from a discreet distance.

  2. poor.ass.millionaire

    My first purchase was in noe, back in 94. At that time it was a good neighborhood, diverse, low key yet had some funk, and was interesting. Then from late 90’s onwards it became this fucking-precious-soulless-yuppie destination neighborhood! So I got the hell out of there. Best part was selling my condo at market peak. I rather enjoyed having yuppies over bidding on my property, with the requisite personal letters of how much they love the place. So I made out like a bandit and got to stick it to a yuppie. That was fun! But I still can’t stand the place. And the restaurants generally blow there. 15 years ago there were some decent ones. NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA, hey hey hey, goodbye!

    • John

      Yeah, I know what you mean. I’ve been moving west while you’ve been moving east, so maybe we’re neighbors now.

      But I draw the line somewhere around Church. Noe is too pricey, as is Castro for different reasons.

      • poor.ass.millionaire

        Yeah east of church I like it more too. Mission Dolores is a totally different vibe, but probably as expensive as Noe these days. And Liberty Hill, that’s always been prime, but again a different vibe than Noe. I’m happy in the inner mission though, and don’t really aspire to live westwards. I have always liked lower 24th street more than Valencia too. It’s dynamic and changing, and diverse (meaning, ALL sorts of people, not just entitled ones. You know what I mean.)

        • John

          Agree, but my feeling right now is to have rentals to the east but live to the west, now that I have kids and all.

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