Two Young Men Mug a 24-Year-Old Woman

Two young men mugged a 24-year-old woman on Tuesday at 7:23 p.m. as she walked on Alabama Street near 22nd Street according to police.

The intersection is just a few blocks from the commercial corridor of 24th Street and the development of restaurants and galleries on 20th Street.

One of the suspects grabbed the woman’s cell phone. She struggled to hang on, but the suspect fled with the cell phone. The second suspect grabbed the victim from behind and pushed her to the ground. He took her wallet and then fled the scene, police reported.

No arrests have been made. Police estimated the suspect’s age at 18.

Crime is trauma and the county offers different services. Here is a link to a page of services.

Victims of violent crime can contact the Trauma Recover Center at UCSF.

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  1. pete

    I wish the cops would do some kind of undercover operation and catch some of these scumbags.

    • ken

      What about an initiative to install cameras, such as at each intersection.

    • My Take

      It’s sad, she’ll probably move out of The Mission and tell others what happened, downgrading this wonderful neighborhood’s reputation.

      • Javier Ramos

        That is kind of the point. Avalos wants to bid adios to anyone who doesn’t share his anti-entrepreneurship/anti-employment/anti-family/anti-honesty agenda.

  2. Nevs

    This is basically in front of our old apartment.

    Makes me sad to read that things are worsening in this block. The police should ask pepe, he is a nice homeless guy hanging around there all the time and basically see’s everybody and everything.

  3. nutrisystem

    The CEO of Apple could, with the stroke of his pen, solve the iphone theft epidemic.

    Some minor software and (possibly) chip-level tweaks could render stolen phones useless. Then nobody would rob them.

    But Apple won’t do this because they make more money as it is now: the stolen phones go to China to be resold, and the American victim buys a new one.

  4. andy

    I live just a few blocks from here and walk my dog around this time almost every evening and the only thing I can say is, stop walking down the street, any street, with your eyes glued to your smartphones. Seriously, it’s that simple.

  5. 24-24

    How else can these two boys afford the sky high rent from the evil landlords?

  6. dogfella

    i’m willing to bet it wasn’t techies who mugged her

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